Current college football rankings

Current college basketball rankings


Due to the staggered start to the season for different conferences, the current plan is to release the first college football rankings after Week 6 (October 11) so that most teams that have started will have played at least three games. Teams that have not begun play will not be part of the initial rankings since the CFQI system requires a team to play at least one game to have a score. Check back for updates due to the constantly changing situation.

Fully implemented for the first time during the 2019 college football season, the CFQI is a new college football computer ratings system that uses a relatively simple approach to rate teams. Be sure to check out how it works. The CFQI is included in the Massey Composite under “CQI,” so compare it to other ranking systems!

Also, the CFQI was adapted to college basketball as the CBQI during the 2018-19 season. Rankings are released each Monday during the season.

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