Current college football rankings

Current college basketball rankings


Starting 3/8, college basketball rankings will be updated each day until selection Sunday. Track who CBQI thinks should be “on the bubble” with the S-curve tab on the college basketball rankings page.

Fully implemented for the first time during the 2019 college football season, the CFQI is a new college football computer ratings system that uses a relatively simple approach to rate teams. Be sure to check out how it works. The CFQI is included in the Massey Composite under “CQI,” so compare it to other ranking systems!

Analysis is underway for creating an updated version of the college quality index metrics that relies on statistics fully developed by myself and offers a more intuitive metric for comparing teams. The hope is that it will be practical for both college football and basketball and will be utilized for the 2021 college football and 2021-22 college basketball seasons.

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